A Sole-ful Confession

thats something my little brother would do….hilarious, since i work at the boys and girls club as well!

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Max Note

Thanks to Thom for sharing this confessional note courtesy of his 4-year-old (with a possible assist from his preschool teacher).

Max’s preschool teacher. Not Thom’s.

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Armpit Farts: The Only Way to End Your Day


Stuff Kids Write

Michael over at Dadicus Grinch shared this daily “To Do” list that his 7-year-old son Hayden brought home from school one day.

Michael asked if the teacher had assigned Hayden and his classmates the job of making a list: “No, a few of us just wanted to make them.”

You’ll find that Hayden’s list is incredibly thorough (and hilarious).


A couple of annotations, courtesy of Michael:

4. “Special” is the term for a rotating class: Art, Gym, Music…

14. “Pink” is what we call their fluoride rinse. So glad that I put the fear of the dentist in them — can you tell?

17. “Jump and do armpit farts” The boy is lucky he hasn’t cracked any ribs he’s been doing so many damn armpit farts.

In honor of 7-year-olds everywhere, we at Stuff Kids Write invite to join us in completing Hayden’s list today.

Just don’t crack any ribs.

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